Yellowstone off trail geysers adventure

Duration : 4 days

For those wanting to push the limit of exploration, this is the adventure for you.

This trip was mapped by Samuel Levi himself. One day, he was studying topographic maps of the Yellowstone plateau and noticed an area with significant geothermal and geyser activity called the Hot Basin Group. He went looking for pictures of the geysers and could not find a single picture of them. The area is located in a remote part of Yellowstone only accessible off trail.

In 2020, Samuel led an expedition to the area and has since acquired a deep intimate knowledge in this area. This adventure is as mental as it is physical. Expect to venture and navigate off trail in grizzly country. Off trail travelling is significantly more demanding than On-trail, but also a lot more rewarding. You are essentially breaking your own trail.

Expect a scenery and views that surpasses your wildest dreams. Expect to run into grizzlies, buffalos, moose, elks and trouts filled rivers. You are also guaranteed absolute solitude during this trip.

This adventure requires a certain level of physical fitness – make sure to familiarize yourself with the difficulty rating below

Trip members should be capable of carrying a backpack weighing 35–40 pounds for distances of up to 10 miles per day for four consecutive days off trail, including steep bushwhacking hillsides with daily elevation gains/losses of up to 3,500′. This is not a beginner’s backpacking trip. Previous experience is recommended, including backpacking and camping. Bear discipline is paramount.
 We will provide specific individualized training up to 12 weeks before the trip. A good base of fitness is required for this trip.
A great way to find out if you are fit is to speak to our guides

Book this trip

$2,499 / per person

Maximum: 4 participants

Upon signing up, You will be contacted to complete your booking

Your Adventure Itinerary

Prior to our trip, we will organize a get-together for fellow explorers and guides to meet. We will provide detailed tips and recommendation on what to bring (backpack, boots, clothing, gear etc.).
In order to make sure you are ready for your trip, we will work on a one-on-one basis. In the weeks and days leading up to your trip, you will be able to communicate with our guides via phone and WhatsApp, ensure a personalized experience.
We may also rent gear (subject to size and availability).
This trip begins on the north side of Yellowstone National Park off North Entrance Road at Specimen Ridge trailhead. You may fly to Bozeman, MT (direct flights available from LAX and Burbank). We will pick you up at the airport and drive you to Yellowstone in our Adventure Truck. You may also drive your own car or carpool with us. Keep in mind the drive to Yellowstone takes about 20h, including stops.

Day 1

During the first day, we will follow Specimen Ridge Trail up along a beautiful ridge offering bird views of the Valleys and snow-capped peaks surrounding Yellowstone.

This ridge harbors a variety of wildlife including herds of buffalos and elks.

We will aim to cover 3,000ft of gain over 9miles. We will pitch our tents on the ridge.

Day 2

We will continue up the ridge to Amethyst mountain (9,600ft), reaching the highest point of our journey. From there, we will descend in to a valley and veer off trail, crossing dense forests and wide valleys for the remainder of the day. This day marks the beginning of our off trail navigation.

We will sleep in a gorgeous, secluded valley by a stream. Trout fishing is easy and recommended in this untrammeled remote valley.

We will have covered 7 miles over 1600 ft of gain.

Day 3

We will bushwhack our way through dense steep hills and join the Hot Basin Group, featuring a network of Geysers, acid pools and geothermal wonders few people in the world have seen.

Throughout the end of the day, we will join the Wapiti Lake Trail, a remote trail leading to Wapiti Lake. Weather permitting, we may make a stop at Wapiti Lake and take a dip in the cold refreshing water. From there, we will push as much as possible and set up camp on one of the secluded plateau on our way. The whole day will consist of 7.5 miles over 1,726ft of gain.

Day 4

This day is strictly on-trail. We will push for a total of 14 miles and descend 2,000ft over a trail that will lead us to the world famous Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone where we will renew our contact with civilization and end our adventure at the trailhead.

How do I qualify for this adventure?​

This adventure entails carrying a backpack up to 35-40lbs over rocky terrain, high elevation gain and miles. The best way to know if you qualify is to speak directly to one of our guides.


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We will provide detailed recommendations on what gear to buy. We can lend some equipment based on needs.

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